Spoken & Creative Ministry

Daughter of God called to preach and move the Word of God through dance.  Available now to facilitate discussions, speak for ministry events and/or minister through liturgical dance.

  • Inspiring Hope

    UR “1\4 Closer 2 New Life”  #InspirationWhispersHope.

  • Preach the Word

    Step, Walk, Run or Swim with Wisdom and Hope. Movement is Key. Empowerment through the Arts #AllAbouttheDance  #MessageintheArts

  • Fuel Healthy, Focused Discussion


  • At the table; in the dance studio or at the pool. Laugh or Cry 2 Heal, B Encouraged and Learn 2 move forward. with Fresh eyes and different perception. B lead to Hopeful Solutions.  WOMEN make positive  moves in Life.
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